WiLL yOu cAST a seCoND GLaNce mY wAY? (accorded_love) wrote in super_hot_nerds,
WiLL yOu cAST a seCoND GLaNce mY wAY?

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yup just painting my nails right now..
they are hot.
i got a dance to go to tonight.
not my skool but a diff skool dance.
myne already happened.

did everyone else have skool dances recently??
if so.. post goofy pictures of your funkie moves!

fitzgerald high skool(my skool) dance below...

my friend nicole.. i think 'love shack baby' was on.. hehe

a couple guys goofin around.. well i hope so! the one lookin at teh camera is mark. hes a good friend:)

ahhhh someone took a picture of me.. ew.. oh well im groovin have a fun time.

^^my sister took those before the dance.

me being sweet:)

those are the funkiest.
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