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WiLL yOu cAST a seCoND GLaNce mY wAY?

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i watched napolean again and has ne one ever noticed the differences??

one is.. kip and napolean on teh fone when napolean calls cuz "he doesnt feel very good" and kip is making nachoes n cheese n stuff.. well they are talkin for a bit and kip just has a small amount of cheese on his nachoes and then a couple minutes later there is like 5 tons of cheese on em!! haha thats funnie.

two is.. when pedro takes his sledgehammer off the ramp.. the ramp is bilt all evenly with brick underneath goin all the way up so the bike can be supported. well when napolean goes to try it.. there is only bricks at the very top.. making it not so supportive of weight.. leadin napolean to crash his balls.

three is.. everyone had to of seen this but i ran out of lil detailed things.. the p[iece of hair er string in napolean hair when he says "you got like three feet of air that time. can i try?"

anyone else notice lil tid bits like this?


peace out!!♥
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